Cambio Climático: Una Negación Organizada

This article presents scientific arguments about the growing threat that climate change represents for all spheres of life and even for the continuity of civilization itself in the way we have been buildingit for the last 300 years; as well as the obstacles to address this problem through education, such as poor social representation of climate change among the population, too many intervening ideas intervene and naive theories that will not be easy to eliminate, among others. We highlight the processes in which it is possible to involve our pedagogical task if we correctly focus our efforts on the collective analysis of our lifestyle and social patterns of consumption, as well as on the acquisition of political visibility, public influence and collective efficacy in the debate about government policies and programs on climate. Key words: Environmental education, climate change, lifestyles, social patterns of consumption.

Édgar J. González Gaudiano (2019). Cambio Climático: Una Negación Organizada. Ecopedagógica, 3(2), 9 - 14.